About Us

_KKP9433_resize.jpgMarsha Karen Copeland

Completed 300 hours skilled touch training in December 1994. Received certification from The Amma Institute of Skilled Touch, San Francisco.

My first experience with massage came while I was a member of the Telegraph Hill Club.  After the session my muscles felt lengthened and I was very relaxed.  I promptly bought a gift certificate for my husband.  Sometime within the next couple of years I went to an Amma acupressure therapist. I fell in love with the modality.  When my corporate job was lost due to a down size, my husband suggested I might want to study massage as an alternative for income. As a result of loving the Amma acupressure I talked to the director of the Amma Institute. I really liked the program curiculum.  I decided I would be well trained & prepared to work after study @ The Amma Institute.  Over the years I have added tools to my technique bag of tricks. I took a pregnancy massage course, swedish massage, special techniques @ The Amma Institute and Deep Tissue from Art Riggs. But more than the classes I have learned from my clients, other massage practitioners and my own creative self. I have the skills, experience and passion for great bodywork.

biophoto_2.JPGTiona Gundy

Co-founder of Spa Sonoma At Your Door, has been a massage therapist since 1989.  She received her certification in Shiatsu from the S.F. International School of Massage Therapy.  Additionally she is trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage and Traditional Thai Massage.  "My first career as a ballet and modern dancer, led me to appreciate the healing quality of massage.  I depended upon the skilled touch of many massage therapists, to keep me literally "on my toes!"  When  choosing a second career, I decided upon massage.   It has been 20 years since then and I have worked on hundreds, if not thousands of bodies.  As a result of many years in the spa industry I have a great appreciation for the art of nurturing.  I love focusing all of my attention on my clients, whether it is doing a scrub, a hot stone massage, an herbal face treatment, or a full-body massage.  Helping others to connect with their inner capacity to heal & rejuvenate is what it's all about!"  I still receive massage on a regular basis as part of my health regimen.  It is an honor to be working in this field.


Some of our highly skilled team members!