"For my intimate family-oriented wedding, it was important for me to ensure that all guests felt included and comfortable, but most of all, pampered. The at home spa party allowed each guest to choose a treatment that fit their interest and budget. And the icing on the cake was that I didn't have to change out of my pajamas and robe to make my appointment on time!"
Sarah, "bride to be", FL.

"I am outside watering the plants and HAD to pop into the house to tell you how GOOD my body feels. Thank you for your magic touch."
Jean Hopeman, Sonoma to Tiona Gundy


"As Director of the Integrative Medicine Program at Sonoma Valley Hospital, I have experienced Tiona Gundy's massage therapy as flexible, totally client centered and she is highly skilled in many differrent techniques. I appreciate her ability to adjust her style to the preferences and needs of her clients whether it is for wellness or remediation of a specific problem. Her professionalism and people skills are excellent." 
Patricia Brooks, LCSW, PhD.